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Rediscovering My Love for Writing

Back when I was a teenager I loved to write. Contrary to what many of my teachers expected, I wasn’t as big of a fan of reading as I was on writing. I guess I always felt a cap in reading… I mean, there’s only so much I could gain from reading other people’s stuff while the act of writing left endless possibilities to my own creativity.

As a kid I used to make up stories in a notebook. As I got older, it turned into articles and essays. Truly, it didn’t matter what it was. What I loved was simply the art of word play… of finding a way to structure the words in a way that “felt right”. I didn’t care too much about following any of the “rules”. In fact, I hardly paid much attention as to what they were unless it was something very obvious or important.

And then I started college… I took English Composition as every student needs to and then later moved on to take some journalism courses with the intention of receiving a minor in journalism. This then followed into a course in business writing and then later – even today – the obligations to write a TON of papers where I was told to either analyze, reflect, or do both.

Somehow, somewhere along the line. I completely lost my love for writing. It wasn’t fun anymore, it was just an obligation. I was now unconsciously taught to associate writing with mindless regurgitation of information just to keep someone higher up in academia happy.

I had attempted to get myself back into the love of writing groove fairly soon after I received my undergraduate degree, but it was so much more difficult to write from the same place that I did before. Something was lost (if you want to hear more details, check out my About Me page) and I wasn’t sure how to get it back.

And so, I generally stopped trying because my attempts felt more frustrating than empowering. I’d experience more stress than joy. I just couldn’t find the fun in it anymore.

It wasn’t until a few months ago when I launched this business that I was able to write and experience the fun with it. I remember now why I loved writing so much – it’s because through writing we have the opportunity to teach OURSELVES things that we didn’t even know that we knew. It helps us to feel more grounded and complete within ourselves – and that’s definitely not something we can ever get from reading.


And so, that is what I encourage you to start doing today. It may be writing or it may not be, but find some outlet of self expression. Play music, sing, dance, paint, do crafts, sew, create your own fashion trend, create your own recipes, or create some unique décor for your apartment or house.

Do SOMETHING that is 100% originally YOU.

Allow your own uniqueness to shine through.

The bonus part? By allowing yourself to express your own uniqueness you will, in turn, feel much less inclined to rely on other people for you happiness. Why? Because through self-expression you will be doing things for YOURSELF so you’ll feel MUCH more self-confident and empowered. The perfect equation to help you create more fulfilling relationships in your life!


Express yourself today!

Think of something that you used to love to do as a kid or something that you’ve always wanted to do but have never done before. I’d recommend starting with something simple that would be easy to start without any extra training if you’ve never done it before, like writing or making your own jewelry. If you need to buy stuff for it, then go out and get it and just DIVE IN! Don’t worry whether it is “perfect” or not. If you catch the inner critic talking, then tell yourself something like “I’m doing the best I can right now” or “I’m doing this for fun, it doesn’t have to be perfect”. If you ever find yourself struggling to focus, then put your phone on silent, close your e-mail, shut off anything that could distract you, and set yourself a timer for a half hour or an hour with the intention to work on ONLY this activity. Making that intention with the timer can be great to help us get and stay focused.


What do you plan to create? Share your ideas below! 🙂