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Letting Go of What You Think Should Happen

A couple months ago I wrote a book proposal.

It was an assignment as a part of a publishing and promotion class that I started taking in January.  Late last year I enrolled in the class with the intention to get a solid outline for a book and to start writing it.

So I looked through notes of the few ideas I had jotted down over the few months prior and came up with an idea.  I created an outline for myself and made up a book proposal to complete my first big assignment for the class.

I knew the book proposal wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough for now.  I thought it was pretty good idea and based on a subject that I knew a lot about already. 

So when I started working with my business and writing coach in February, we started talking about about book writing.  The discussion of the coaching session led me to think a few days later, Maybe I’ll get started writing this.  After all, I have some free time that has opened up that I didn’t have before.  Why not just jump in now?

So I plop down in front of my computer, reference the outline that I made for myself and started diving into writing Chapter 1 as I outlined it.

… and it was the most dreadful experience ever.

With every sentence I felt like I was trying to pull teeth to get the words out.  I’d take moments to stop and walk around and then I’d think to myself Come on Jen… you know this material.  It’s not like it’s something you don’t know.  Just get what you know out on paper.

And so I’d sit back down and start writing again.  Gradually and very very slowly.

Over an hour goes by and I go to check my word count.  It reads 523.  You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me, I think to myself, I write articles on my site every single week that have a minimum of 800 words in less than an hour and with this it’s taking me over hour just to get 500 words?

At that moments I stopped, pulled away, and looked at it all for a second.  Do I even want to write this?

The answer was a very quick no. 

I did not want to write a book with the kind of focus that I made it out to be.  Because I was planning on writing it with that particular focus, it was, to me, incredibly boring and dull.  I wasn’t going to have fun writing it that way, so I knew that I had to take the material and repackage it in a way so I could actually enjoy the writing process.

So when my next coaching session came around, my coach asked me about the progress with the book.  I explained what I had realized in the process and that I wanted to put it to the side for the time being.  She completely understood and we started talking about other potential projects to get started on.

I shared with her a few ideas that I came up with spontaneously in the last few months and we set goals for times to get certain parts of the projects done.

… and I actually did it.

Working on the projects have been incredibly enjoyable and I have actually found myself more energized, excited and inspired.  I’ve been able to get into the “flow” with my creativity in these projects and never once have I found myself dreading that I’d have to sit in front of my computer to get the work done.

And I completely loved the process.

A Course in Miracles talks about making vs creating.  When we’re in a place of making we are completely in our ego.  We’re focused on what it is that we think we need to do or be doing.  When we’re truly creating, it’s coming from a love mindset. Its when our true selves are able to be expressed and we allow that natural flow of our own inner truth to pour out of us.

Now, to be clear, with these two terms the Course isn’t talking about creating by being creative.  Like, by writing or doing an art project.  Rather, the Course is referring to a way of being.  It’s referring to a mindset that we are holding on to the the energy that we have behind that mindset.

Many of us are caught up in the “making things happen” kind of mindset. We push ourselves and try to force things to happen.  There’s a lot of tension and a lot of trying to control and manipulate things in a way to force them to happen.  There isn’t a level of trust there.

To get into a truly creating kind of mindset we have to be willing to let go. We have to surrender a little bit and trust in the process.  We have to trust that while something may not make sense right away, that it is going to all come together someway, somehow.

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When I was working on my book proposal I had a certain idea on how things “needed” to be and I was trying to force it to happen.  Through the process, I was able to realize that to work on it right now in that way it is not the right time.  I had to surrender and let it go.  And through the process of surrendering, I was able to allow other projects to come to fruition. 

That is true co-creation.  It is when we are able to surrender what we think needs to happen just enough so that what is truly meant to happen for us is allowed to flow through us naturally and effortlessly.


How are you holding onto things based on how you think they need to happen?  What do you need to let go of so you can allow what is in your highest good to be manifested?  Share it in the comments below!

3 Keys to Manifesting a Healthy and Loving Relationship

We all want a healthy and loving relationship.  You know, a relationship filled with compassion, affection, and acceptance.  A relationship where there is respect.

Whether you are single or not, the desire, to some degree, is likely there.  Unfortunately for many of us, even if we are married or in a relationship we can find ourselves wishing that the relationship was different in some ways.  We may feel that the “spark” has gone away and we wish we could find it again. 

Fortunately, regardless of our relationship status, we can give our relationships a “tune up” when we stop to look within ourselves and consciously choose to make some inner shifts.  Here are 3 keys to manifesting a healthy and loving relationship in your life:

#1 – Have an amazing relationship with yourself

If you hate being alone and you’re self-worth is determined by how active your social life is, then you’re going to be giving off a “I need you to validate my self-worth” kind of vibe when out on a date.  If, on the other hand, you enjoy spending time with yourself and feel totally comfortable in your own shoes, then you’re going to be giving off a “I feel comfortable with myself” kind of vibe.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that if you do hate being alone and have a low self-worth that you’re not going to find a boyfriend.  The truth is that you probably would.  However, there would be one big problem: The guy has equally as low of a self-worth as you.  Which, would then create a relationship where both people need the other person to validate their own self-worth.

It’s a foundation built on sand — and it’s certainly not where one wants to be if they truly want a healthy and loving relationship.

So get comfortable in your own shoes.  Spend time with yourself.  Take yourself on dates.  Go to the movies, go to dinner or take a mini-vacation with yourself. 

Treat your body well by exercising and eating healthy.  Do activities that you enjoy doing.  Give yourself things that you know you need.

When we become masters of our own self-care, we are giving ourselves the love that we truly deserve.  So focus on doing amazing things for you, so you can have a great relationship with yourself.  It will help in manifesting that healthy and loving relationship you desire.


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#2 – Believe that you deserve it

Many of us want a healthy and loving relationship, but, deep down, we don’t believe that we truly deserve it.  Or, we may even think that it’s not possible for us.  Unfortunately, this prevents us from making any kind of progress in getting that loving relationship.

So if you find yourself struggling to believe that you truly deserve it, make a commitment to reframing that mindset.

One way to do this is by saying affirmations.  Every morning or night you can spend some time standing in front of the mirror and stating out loud, “I deserve a healthy and loving relationship”.  Say this 10 times in the morning and 10 times at night for at least 30 days.  You may not notice the shifts right away, but over time you’ll notice a shift.

#3 – Ditch the checklist and, instead, connect with how you want to feel

We all hold expectations.  If you’re single and dating, it may be an expectation that the person you date has a nice car and isn’t working in retail.  If you’re in a relationship, the expectation may be that you want your guy to clean the dishes after he uses them.

When we get ourselves caught up in such expectations it’s like we are creating for ourselves an internal “checklist”.  We have a list in our minds of things that we want and “need” in order to be happy and fulfilled in the relationship.

Unfortunately, these “checklists” take us out of the experience.  It takes us out of what is happening in the moment in your relationship with this other person and, instead, focused on what the person is or isn’t doing.  It’s a way of rating or judging the moment, which blocks us from truly connecting with the other person and experiencing love.

So the key here is that rather than focus on the “checklist” or expectations, we must focus on how it is that we want to feel in the relationship.  Do you want to feel love in your relationship to this other person?  Joy?  Happiness?  A sense of calm?  A place of comfort in their presence?  How do you want to feel in being in the relationship?

When we focus on how it is that we want to feel rather than on the surface-level details, we can find that what we thought we needed, we don’t really “need” after all.  We realize that the “needs” were all arbitrary — and they weren’t helping us get what we truly wanted, which is love.  Rather, they blocked it.

So let go of your “checklist” of expectations and sit back and ask yourself: How do I want to feel?  And then connect to that feeling.  Feel it within your own being and carry it with you throughout the day.  And, eventually, your relationships will start to reflect your internal state.

Take action now!

In the comments below, share with me how you want to feel in your relationship.  Or, if you’re not in a relationship now, share with me how you desire to feel.

4 Things to Remember When You Want to Get Married, But It’s Not Happening

Back when I was in my early to mid-20s I was worried and concerned about getting married, but every attempt to create a stable, loving, and committed relationship turned into an utter failure.

Based on what I’ve learned, here are 4 things to remember when you want to get married, but it’s not happening:

#1 – You gotta focus on making yourself happy.

Be your own best friend.  Learn how to love your life whether there is a guy in your life or not.  The more joyful and loving that you are when alone with yourself, the better because others are going to recognize that energy that you are putting out. 

And trust me — being joyful, happy, and loving is a lot more attractive then being depressed, self-conscious, and anxious.  Just imagine what it’d be like going on a date with someone who is really depressed, self conscious and anxious.  Would you want to go out with them again?  Enough said.

#2 – Know that you deserve and are capable of having a loving relationship. 

We can be happy and joyful in our lives and with ourselves all we want, but if we don’t think that we deserve and are capable of having a loving and joyful relationship that can turn into a successful marriage then it’s not going to happen.  We have to really truly know and believe that we are worthy.

Doing this doesn’t have to be super complicated.  It can happen at any given moment that you choose to fully admit to yourself and the universe what it is that you truly desire and you choose to fully know you are worthy.  And, as a result, the universe can respond very quickly.

I know this very well from experience.  A few years ago I was traveling in Japan after spending several months suffering with the aftermath from a breakup.  I was working on being happy by myself but nothing new came along because I didn’t really believe I was ready for a new relationship.  I deeply believed that I’d screw any new relationship up.  I didn’t trust myself.

While walking around the Golden Pavillion (Kinkai-ju) in Kyoto I saw a section where you could buy candles for various different things and light them for a prayer.  These were all in English so I felt inclined to light one.  At first I rationalized and started telling myself to do one for world peace but my eyes kept going back to one that was for finding love. 

In that moment, finally admitted to myself and the universe my true desire and I knew that I deserved it.  I lit the candle and left — forgetting about it.

Later that day, upon trying to get to the airport, a storm came through that caused me to miss my flight.  I ended up meeting a man in this this stressful situation who helped me with language translations.   This man I ended up having a stable relationship with for about a year.

Which leads me to my next point…

#3 – Always be open to possibilities.

When we have this very specific picture of what it is that we want then we are not going to be open for all of the creative possibilities.  We may overlook or not even allow ourselves to see what is right in front of us. 

It’s okay to have some standards of what you want: Like someone who is honest, loyal, caring, and so on.  But if we’re going so far as to being very particular about how someone looks, their job, or where they grew up then we may be blocking ourselves from being with who we are truly mean to be with.

Also, I think it’s very important to remember that when I say “be open to possibilities” it’s not about letting go of the desire completely.  It’s not about shifting your thoughts in a way to be forcing yourself to be thinking, “I don’t want to get married” because that doesn’t leave you open to the potential of marriage ever.  It’s like going up to the universe and saying “I’m closing up shop” and the universe is thinking, “But, wait, I had all these customers lined up for you.  What gives?”

The key is to learn how to get into a neutral space of “I am happy and love my life no matter what happens”.  It’s about letting go of any concern or worry about the outcome and being open for all creative possibilities. That creates the foundation for a real change (or miracle) to occur, internally and, ultimately, externally.


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#4 – Have faith. 

Trust that what is going to happen will happen.  Not all of us are meant to get married or have children by a certain age.   It’s also true that not all of us are meant to only be married once.  Things happen — it’s just the way life works out sometimes.

So trust and have faith that what comes to you is what is in your highest good.  You have you own individual lessons to learn in this life that is totally unique to you.  Nobody else shares those same specific lessons that you need to learn with you.  So trust, have faith, and follow the flow of your own intuition and inner guidance.

Take action now!

Let’s do #1: What can you start doing today to help yourself love your life more?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

3 Essential Mindset Shifts to Living a Life You Love

Lately I’ve been on a kick in learning all about manifestation and happiness.  Reading books, listening to lectures, hearing about various meditations to try, and so on.

The motivation to really learn about all this has been coming from this deep inner frustration about one thing in my life.  So many other areas of my life I’ve been able to shift and make better, but in one area, for some reason, I’ve continued to feel stuck in this cycle that I’ve been unable to bust out of.

So, I figured, learning more about manifestation and achieving happiness in life would be beneficial.  In this process, I’ve come to several profound lessons where I have been able to feel some drastic shifts very quick.  So here are 3 essential mindset shifts that I think can really help us all live a life we love:

#1 – Realize that it’s not (and never has been) about where you are, but how you view it.

That shitty apartment your living in?  That toxic work environment?  That friend or family member that’s driving you crazy?  Sure, it makes things more challenging…

… but it shouldn’t be preventing you from experiencing happiness.

This was one of my first realizations upon moving to Korea and it’s taken quite a while for it to fully sink in:

It’s not about where you are in life, but about what you’re doing with what you have right now.


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If you’re pessimistic and bitter, then of course you’re going to be unhappy.  And sure, you can go ahead and start dating someone else or move out of the country, but nothing is going to change unless you do.  You’ll continue to carry those inner negative feelings everywhere you go until you decide, “Hey, I don’t want to feel that way anymore!”  So change your perspective.

#2 – Gratitude connects you to your soul. 

Always focusing on what we don’t have in life is very draining and keeps our minds locked into this state of fear and lack.  No miracles can emerge out of this if because it makes us blind from seeing the real opportunities that we have available.  It causes us to be trying to swim against the tide rather than to float along with it and trust.

So take some time each day in meditation to stop and connect to what you are grateful for.  Identify one thing — and it doesn’t have to be complicated.  This may be a person in your life, the fact that you have steady income, a pet, or the place you are living.  It could even be something super simple like the fact that the sun came up today or that there are birds chirping outside your window.

In meditation, visualize that person, place or thing that you are grateful for in your mind’s eye and then allow yourself to really feel the gratitude.  The shifts really happen from feeling, because it takes us out of our mind and into our hearts.  So be sure to really tune into that feeling and, overtime, you’ll begin to notice some definite shifts in your life.

#3 – Feel the way you want to feel right now rather than wait for something in your life to change.

A story I came across fairly recently was of a woman who had had a baby and was living on government assistance because her and her husband could barely afford basic cost of living.  Her husband ended up taking a job working at a place like UPS several states away because they were desperate for any money at all.

In her story she said that, while this situation didn’t appear so great on the outside on the inside she felt really truly happy.  She was enjoying life and really truly grateful for where she was at.  As a result, within just a few months she started a new work endeavor and ended up earning enough money in her new work that her husband was able to quit his job and move back with family.

The main lesson?  To start feeling what you want to feel “someday in the future” right now.

When I first heard this story my mind initially went to a fear-based thought of, “But if I feel all that joy and happiness right now, then maybe I won’t really do any actions to make changes in my life.  I’ll just be happy and stagnant”.

Clearly, this thought is really just a bunch of bullshit.

Because the second I decided to start feeling the way I’d like to feel “someday” I found myself feeling strong and confident in making decisions.  I started to feel more in-tune with my own intuition so I more clearly knew which direction I needed to take for myself.

So be grateful and choose to feel those feelings of happiness, joy, love, or whatever it is that you’d like to feel “someday” today, then simply be open for miracles.

Take action now!

Close your eyes and ask yourself: How would I like to feel “someday”?  Connect with that feeling in this present moment, then describe that feeling in the comments below!

How I Manifested a Happy, Healthy and Loving Relationship

Just a few years back, I was in a very unhappy place.

I was heartbroken, lonely, unsupported, and wondered how and if I would ever be in a stable relationship that was healthy, happy, and filled with love.

That is, until I made some inner shifts.  Here’s how I managed to manifest a new relationship that is healthy, happy, and loving:

#1 – I got really comfortable with being alone.

I made it a goal to enhance my most important relationship of all: my relationship with myself.  I learned how to enjoy my own company, I learned how to better notice and regulate my own emotions, I learned what I need to do to make myself happy, and I became the master of my own self-care.

I discovered what I needed to do in order to best help me rather than others.  I have found that being more tuned-in with myself I am much better able to get my own needs met for myself, rather than to fall into my old habit of expecting others to meet my needs.

#2 – I acknowledged my old heartbreaks, gave myself time to heal, and let go.

I gave myself time and space to grieve over my heartbreaks.  I cried, I journaled, I talked about it in therapy.  I took time to honor my past relationships in the way that I felt guided to.  I didn’t repress my feelings or dwell on them to a point where I’d be depressed.  Nor did I push myself to “hurry up and forgive” or go into a rebound relationship.  I simply gave myself space to process it in a way that felt natural to me with the intention to gradually let it go and, eventually, forgive and heal completely.

#3 – I believed that I deserved a happy, healthy and loving relationship.

Many times after a breakup I would find myself in this place of “I won’t find anyone else”, “I won’t find anyone better” or “I’ll never find a stable and loving relationship”.  All of these thoughts are fear-based thoughts created by our ego — they are not true.

When I finally released these thoughts and truly believed in the deepest of my being that I truly deserved a healthy relationship that was filled with love, then my new relationship emerged.

#4 – When I knew I was ready, I was willing to ask for what I wanted and trusted it would happen.

When the time came that I felt as if I had become really comfortable with myself, I healed and forgave my past ex’s, and I truly believed I deserved a healthy and loving relationship, I asked for what I wanted.

In my mind I told myself and the universe, “I’m ready” a few times every day for about a month.  I wasn’t worried as to whether someone would come or not.  I wasn’t even concerned about the outcome.  I simply just said, “I’m open and ready” in trust and faith that something would happen.  In about a month, I was asked out on a date.

#5 – I let go of my “ideal”.

I let go of all these list of traits that I thought I wanted in a partner: To be from a certain area or have a certain heritage, to have a certain hair color or be a certain height, to have certain interests, to have X things in common, and so on.  By letting go of my “ideal” I opened myself up to greater possibilities. I was then able to fully see, accept, and appreciate my partner for who he truly is when we first started dating.


When we let go of our “ideal” partner, we allow ourselves to fully see, accept and appreciate the person we are dating. via @jenilyn8705

#6 – I made the conscious effort to not put my partner up on a pedestal.

In the very beginning of our relationship I continuously made the intention to see him and I as equals rather than for us to put each other up on pedestals.  By making this effort and intention, I truly believe this has been a major factor in getting us to a place of happiness, love and stability that we are at now.

Now I’d love to hear from you!  In the comments below, share with me one inner shift that you believe you need to make in order to manifest a happy, healthy and loving relationship in your life.

5 Steps to Manifest New Love in Your Life

With this new year just starting out, many of us are looking for ways in how to improve our level of happiness and fulfillment from last year to this year.

If you’re single, you may be asking yourself: What do I need to do to a new romantic partner this year?  On the other hand, if you’re already in a relationship, you may be asking yourself: What can I do to deepen my relationship in a way so that I can experience more love?

Regardless if you’re in a relationship or not, these 5 steps to manifest new love in your life will be beneficial to you.  Here are the 5 steps:

#1  Release past resentments.

Are you holding any grudges towards your current partner or a past one?  Are you still disappointed over some actions made?  Are you still bitter in any way?  If so, give yourself the intention to let it go.

Once you’ve recognized any past resentments that you have been holding on to.  Make the conscious effort to forgive.  Sit quietly and do a short guided visualization where you send the person some light and love.  Do this periodically until you feel that there are little to no “hard feelings” left.

#2 Do loving things for you.

Is there something that you’ve been needing lately that you’ve been putting off cause you’ve been subconsciously telling yourself “I don’t deserve it?”  For example: Have you known that you need to go to the dentist but you’ve been putting it off forever?  Have you realized that you need to make a diet or lifestyle change but you keep shoving it in the back of your mind?  Have you been feeling like you’ve been needing some support from a therapist or coach but you’ve been putting it off for months?

Whatever it is, make plans to do it!  We can’t experience our highest level of fulfillment of love in our relationships with others until we have chosen to love ourselves 100%.  Know that you deserve it — and make it happen!


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#3  Have fun!

When we are having fun and enjoy the things we do, we not only make ourselves feel better but we also brighten other people’s day as well.  And, as a result, we end up attracting more people to us!

So do the things that you love to do.  Do things that brighten up your being.  Do things that give you joy.  Even if it is just the little things like going to a cafe that you really enjoy or dancing more because it makes you feel alive.  Find ways to more enjoy your life and then do it!

#4  Take moments to connect to and visualize what you really want to experience.

What kind of partner do you want to have in your life?  What is it that you want to feel while in your relationship?  Whatever it is that you want to experience, close your eyes and take the time visualize it in your mind’s eye for short periods of time throughout your day.

That being said, if you are not completely sure as to what kind of partner you’d like or how you’d want to feel, this simple meditation can certainly do the trick:  Close your eyes and take deep breaths.  In your mind’s eye visualize your partner or your future partner and yourself.  Visualize this person coming from a distance as a bright being of light.  As this person comes closer to you, you recognize that you yourself are a strong being of bright light as well.  When this person comes close to you you realize that you are both two whole beings.  Complete in yourselves and equal to one another.  There is a mutual sense of balance, love, and light between the two of you.

Do this meditation periodically.  It is meant to help you enter into any of your romantic encounters with a sense of equality, strength, and genuine love, which has a tendency to become hindered and distorted by our egos.

#5  Trust and believe that it will happen!

When we don’t trust and believe in what we can create for ourselves, this is when we tend to experience emotions like worry and anxiety.  Try to be mindful and aware whenever these emotions come up.  If you feel doubt and, hence, a sense of worry come in then simply be aware of it.  Don’t try to ignore it or push it away.  Just let it be.  Then focus on trusting and believing that it will and can happen for you!

Many of us tend to self-sabotage ourselves with our own doubt.  We get a good momentum going but our ego comes in and fills us with doubt, which then stops us in our tracks.

When we focus and put more energy and attention into what we truly desire to manifest, then we increase the chances of it actually happening.  So trust, believe, and, of course, be patient.

Take action now!

What past resentments do you still need to let go and heal from?  What actions can you take or plans that you can make to better love yourself?  How can you start having more fun in your life today?  Share your answers in the comments below!

5 Steps to Manifest What You Desire

We have various things that we desire to have in life.  Maybe it’s a loving and supportive boyfriend or husband or a job that you truly love.  Maybe it’s to live or travel to a certain location.  Maybe it’s simply to feel happy or supported by others.

We all have these types of desires.  This desire to have something that’s better than what we currently have in life.

Though we are not consciously aware of it most of the time, the reality is that we are constantly manifesting.  We are constantly co-creating with the universe our current state of reality.  So whenever we keep telling ourselves things like, “This job sucks” then we will begin to hate our job more and more because we are the ones creating that energy.

On the flip side, if we tell ourselves “I’m amazing, attractive, and beautiful” then we are going to be sending that energy out to the environment around us and then attract more external things that make us feel amazing, attractive, and beautiful.

This is one of the biggest reasons why we fail to create exactly what it is that we desire: We belief that the shift must happen externally before it can happen internally.  We fail to realize that in order for the things that we desire to manifest in our external world, we have to shift our perception internally.  We have to let go of any beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that are holding us back from having what it is that we desire.

Above all, we have to focus intently in our internal condition, rather than to focus heavily on the new car or boyfriend that we want.

Below are 5 steps to follow in order to help you manifest exactly what it is that you truly desire.

Step 1: Let go of any meaningless desires and identify what you really want.

So for the majority of the population, if we are asked what it is that we want or desire then chances are we are going to answer by saying something like “A new car”, “To make $100,000 a year”, or “To get married”.

If you have any desires like this, write them down and acknowledge them.  Then sit back and really reflect on them and ask yourself why you really desire these things.  Are these things really going to provide you with what it is you really desire?

Here’s an example: Susan desires a new car.  She believes that this new car is going to make her feel happy and more successful.  One day Susan actually does get this car.  But she’s not really satisfied.  Sure, she now feels more successful and socially “up-to-date” in relation to her peers, but what Susan really wanted was to feel free, joyful and happy.  She now finds herself desiring a new house.

When we focus on the external thing rather than to really reflect and dive deep on the feeling that we desire we can then begin to find ourselves truly fulfilled rather than superficially fulfilled.

So look at the things that you desire to have in your external environment.  Then sit back and ask yourself, “What is the feeling that I desire to feel as a result of this?”  Free?  Supported?  Loved?  Excited?  Joyful?  Impactful?  What is it that you’re currently lacking in life that you are trying to gain through this external thing?

Now, please note that I don’t necessarily mean that you can’t ever desire to have a new relationship or a new car.  It is okay to desire these things.  However, you just want to be sure that this is something you really want that is going to satisfy you.  This way you don’t find yourself chasing your desire with material things that get you no where.

Step 2: Clear your space.

The reason that many of us struggle to actually manifest what we desire is because are unconsciously blocking ourselves with our limiting fear-based beliefs.  All of our limited beliefs are unique to us because they are based on our past history.  They can come from a combination of our childhood upbringing, past dating experiences, old emotional or physical traumas, childhood bullying, and so on.

We all have these blocks because we are human and our ego causes us to hold on to these limiting beliefs.  So the key to releasing these blocks is to be committed to asking the universe to help you release these beliefs.

This is where the power of prayer really comes in.  Make the commitment to say a prayer every morning and/or night to help you in releasing your blocks.  And here’s one key thing to remember: The more you surrender into your prayer and know you are perfect just the way you are then the more you’ll benefit.

Step 3: Open yourself to your desire.

So once you have identified the feeling that you wish to experience internally, take the time to really connect to that feeling.  Every day or at least a few times a week, do a meditation or visualization that allows you connect to that feeling.  Imagine in your mind’s eye what it would look and feel like to have your desire become a reality.  The more you do that, then the more you become embodied in your desire, which will strengthen it to become a reality.

Step 4: Take action.

Though we can certainly wish that simply praying and doing meditation will magically cause our desire to manifest, that isn’t how it works.  We have to act.  So if you want a new relationship, then get yourself out in public.  If you want a new car because you know it will help you live more comfortably, then start looking around for cars and comparing prices.  If you want a job that you absolutely love, then start looking for new jobs or read some books to discover your biggest strengths.

Remember, it’s all about co-creating with the universe.  The universe isn’t going to simply do it all for you just because you made the intention.  You have to be sure to do your half of the effort.


Step 5: Have faith.

Typically after we set the stage to manifest exact what we desire, our ego goes into a bit of a “panic” or “self-doubt” mode where we struggle to really believe that it can happen.  We can find ourselves anxious, doubtful, worried, or frustrated.

Be self-accepting and mindful when this comes up.  Simply accept it as a natural response from the ego.  Don’t try to push or force it away.  Simply accept it and then let it go.

Be sure that you don’t focus a lot of energy on the worry because that will shift your energy and cause a delay in manifesting your desire.  If you find yourself worrying, stop, take several deep breaths, and focus intensely in the present moment. You can also try yoga, exercise, or do EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you release the worry.

Ultimately, remember: Trust in the universe.  Things may not quite manifest exactly at the right time or in the way that you want them to.  Have patience and trust that the universe will give you exactly what you need at the exact time that you need it.

Begin to manifest what you desire today!

What is it that you desire in your life?  What is the feeling that you desire to experience?  What kinds of things can you do that will help you manifest that feeling in your life?  Share it in the comments below!

3 Ways to Bring More Love into Your Life

We all want happiness, fulfillment, and love in our lives.  It’s the one thing our souls strive for, yet, for some reason, it seems so much easier said then done.

For many of us, it seems that there is always something in the way that prevents us from finding love.  Always finding the “wrong” people to date, not feeling supported by friends or family, or simply feeling a lack of passion or purpose in life.

What we often fail to realize is that love isn’t something that is going to come from finding something outside of ourselves — the “right” partner, perfectly loving and supportive family and friends, or a career that you’re truly passionate for.

In fact, it doesn’t come through finding anything.  Rather, it comes from taking actionable steps in your life to create more love into your life.  So here are three ways to help bring more love into your life:

Savor each moment.

Love is everywhere.  It is all around us — in the morning dew, in a warm breeze, in the sweet smell of jasmine flowers, in a piece of art, and so on.  Take the time each day to really focus on these things and take in the enjoyment of it.

When we allow ourselves to really focus intensely in the present moment, we can open ourselves to unlimited joy, happiness, and love.

Express Gratitude.

Make it a daily habit to be appreciative about everything — food, shelter, plants, books, friends, a job, a car, and whatever else.  To be appreciative is a loving action, so when we put forth the action step to express our gratitude we, in turn, acknowledge the love that is within us.

Gradually, over time of expressing more and more gratitude, we end up finding more love in our lives because we have been giving the loving action of thankfulness.

So you may want to start every day or end every day with writing down a list of things you are grateful for.  Another option would be to mentally say, “Universe, thank you for ______” (or using whatever language you prefer) every time something happens in your life that you are appreciative of.

Give without needs.

Often times when we feel as if we’ve been giving too much it’s because, deep down, it’s coming from a place of fear.  We give and then feel like we haven’t gotten anything in return because there’s this feeling that “Something is being taken away from me” or to be quickly focusing on what one is getting rather than to really focus on the joy of giving.

When we let go of any expectations, shift our mindset to “I am good enough and it’s okay for me to be big in the world” and release any fears of vulnerability and rejection, we can then allow ourselves to give from a place of genuine love.

A great place to start with this is to donate your time to a cause or to do some kind of work that can help those in very challenging situations.  For instance, you may want to volunteer at an orphanage or help kids with special needs.  It could also be something simple like helping an old lady cross the street or giving something to a co-worker in time of need.

And you know the extra bonus to volunteering or doing work for a special cause?  It can actually become easier to be grateful — which is exactly one other thing we need to bring more love into our lives!

Ultimately, remember this:  Love isn’t something to look and search for.  It’s something that we open ourselves to.  It’s a matter of finding the love that is already within us and expressing that out into the world so that we can create the love in our lives that we desire.

Bring more love

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Create more love in your life today!

In the comments below, list three things that you are grateful for in your life right now.

Are You Having a Bad Day?

So you oversleep and are running late to work.  You get there and you realize that you have

bad day

more tasks that you need to get done that you probably have time for. You’re relationship with your boss isn’t the best and you’d rather avoid him than deal with anymore of his nitpicking.  “Great,” you think to yourself, “this is just going to be a bad day…”

What are your thoughts at this point?  What are you mentally (not verbally) telling yourself or those around you?  Maybe it starts off as something like “Agh, I can’t believe I’m running late. I might get in trouble for this” and then later it turns into things like, “He seriously just gave me THIS assignment now? I don’t have time for this with all this other stuff I have to do. He’s so lazy and arrogant.”

And what happens? I’d say we could all pretty much agree that it’s just a bad day. Have you ever had a bad day? I know I’ve had my share of those.

You know the funny thing about bad days though? They really don’t have to be bad days. It’s not like the universe is proclaiming “You are going to have a bad day today and there’s nothing you can do about it! Muah ha ha!”

We ALWAYS have a choice to make things better.

It is not the circumstances themselves that determines how good or bad our day is, but rather how WE choose to react to it. Two people can be in those exact same circumstances. Person A may end up having a very dreadful day all the way until bedtime, while Person B may simply see the day starting off with some challenges but ends up feeling comfortable and fulfilled by the end of it.

It all boils down to our own attitude and what we choose to focus on. If we are pessimistic and focus on the bad, then we’re going to have a bad day. If we are optimistic and focus on the good things, then we’re going to have a more satisfying day.

Make today a GOOD day!

So what is your attitude today? How can you see things with less pessimism and more optimism? What is the bright side to a challenging situation that you are experiencing?