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7 Beliefs Worth Having

The original version of this article was originally shared on Elephant Journal.

In many spiritual circles, the idea our belief systems can hinder our growth and healing is quite common.

Though things like religious or political beliefs can easily be recognized, there are many internal beliefs that we have that many of us are not consciously aware of.  Many of us have beliefs like:

I will never be good enough.

I’ll never find a partner right for me.

I’m not pretty enough.

Bad things always happen to me.

People are ridiculous.

I shouldn’t pay for a massage because its too expensive.

Through this process of recognizing our limiting beliefs in order to heal them and let them go, it can be easy for one to fall into the idea that there are no beliefs that are worth having.

Well, I think there is a little problem with this.

There’s a reason we had those beliefs to begin with: Our beliefs give us a foundation. They help us to be grounded in the world.   They can provide us with a solid foundation to build, grow and heal from.

When we push ourselves to have no beliefs at all, then we may find ourselves confused and off balance.

Here are seven non-limiting beliefs to provide you with a solid foundation for your own self and spiritual development:

#1 – Everything in the world is constantly evolving

Nothing ever stays the same in this world. Just as the seasons change, so do people, places, and things. We cannot stop it or control it, but rather move with the flow of this natural evolution.

#2 – Nothing in this world is absolute

People die, relationships end, and we discover that what we thought works actually causes more problems than it solves. The universe will change and adjust as we do. It is conscious and has a “mind” of its own. Just when we think we know something, the universe shifts to prove nothing that we think to be true is absolute.

#3 – The world is filled with endless possibilities for creation

Simply, if we believe that anything is possible then nothing actually is impossible. If we believe nothing is impossible, then we create the mindset needed to create the seemingly impossible.

#4 – We are always supported

Completely taking away the possible religious or spiritual beliefs and putting them aside, if we believe that the universe will always support us then it releases any fear we may have of doing something.  If we believe that we can jump and something is there to catch us, then it makes it easier for us to jump.


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#5 – We deserve the life of our dreams

If we believe that we deserve everything that we’ve ever dreamed of then we hold no limitations on actually making that a reality.

#6 – We are happiness, joy, and love

If we believe that we and everyone in this world at the deepest core of their being is happiness, joy, and love already then we allow that to not only emerge within us but in others as well.

#7 – Heaven is a place on earth

Yes I know this probably sounds super cheesy, but its a belief worth having. When we believe heaven is already right here on earth right now then we can actually create and make it seen to more people.

What are some beliefs that you think are worth having?  Share them below!

5 Easy Morning Rituals That Will Reduce Stress and Overwhelm

In a world of 40-hour work weeks and traffic jams, mornings can be pretty hectic.  We may find ourselves rushing every morning to get to work or get kids to school.  We may even find ourselves doing our makeup in the car during rush hour because we’re just that rushed.

When we start our days with such a hectic and rushed routine, we’re making ourselves start our days stressed out and overwhelmed.  And, frankly, who really wants that?  So here are 5 easy morning rituals that will reduce stress and overwhelm:

#1 – Wake up at least 30-minutes earlier than you usually do

If you normally wake up about an hour before you need to be out the door, then maybe add on an extra half and hour.  If you normally wake up less than that, then you may want to try to add on more than a half hour.

Our weekdays can be pretty stressful as it is, so we certainly don’t want to make it more stressful for ourselves by rushing every single morning.  So try to give yourself some extra time in the morning so that you have more time to get ready and do more things for you and your own health and well-being.

And if you’re concerned about getting enough sleep, then be sure give yourself more time to at night to wind down and go to bed… it is possible!

#2 – Swap the coffee for a green smoothie

Many of us depend on coffee for our morning energy fix.  Though there can be a nice ritual around the process of brewing coffee, such as the smell of coffee beans or the flavor, coffee alone doesn’t give us the vitamins and minerals that our body really needs (and no, a morning bagel or donut doesn’t make it much better).  Eating leafy greens, fruits and veggies first thing in the morning is a much healthier option.

So grab your blender and make yourself a green smoothie.  If you’re in need of recipes, I’m currently obsessed with Kris Carr’s new book Crazy Sexy Juice for all my smoothie and juice recipes.  If you don’t want to get the book just yet, she also has a few recipes on her website.

#3 – Take a moment to really breathe some fresh air

There’s something magical about the crisp morning air that, once you stop and take a moment to appreciate it, can be extremely calming and grounding.  So before you rush out the door, take some time to open a window or step outside on to your porch and deck.  Take a few conscious breaths and allow yourself to take in and enjoy the beauty of the morning.

#4 – Write!

Our dream life is a world within us that we tend to neglect.  While we may remember a dream that was very charged for us for days later, most of the time we completely forget them.  This is unfortunate because our dreams are a bridge to our unconscious world.  When we take time to acknowledge our dreams, we allow ourselves to become more consciously aware of our thoughts, feelings and experiences that may have either repressed, forgotten about, or was never really aware of.

So upon waking, take a couple minutes to write down something that came up in your dreams.  It may be a lot of material or it may be only an image or two.  Even if you can’t write down anything about a dream, take a few minutes to free write about any thoughts that you have lingering in your mind upon waking.

Taking this time to write first thing in the morning, helps us to process our inner world.  By putting those thoughts, feelings and images out on to the paper we are making the internal experience less charged for ourselves.  Making this kind of activity a morning ritual, can be beneficial in reducing things like anxiety, depression, stress and so on in our waking lives over time.

#5 – Move your body

While those of us that are early-birds may morning jog to start our day, it doesn’t always work for everybody.  However, it is still highly beneficial to do some kind of movement first thing in the morning.

So take a few minutes to stretch and walk around.  If you’re a yogi, maybe you can do a few sun salutations.   If not, maybe you’d want to walk around your house or apartment before going to work.  Do whatever you feel called to do, but be sure to give yourself time move.

When it comes to your morning routine remember this: How we start our mornings sets the foundation for the rest of our day.  So if we start our mornings stressed and rushed, then we’re likely going to be stressed the rest of the day.  Remember to slow down, take a few breaths, and do things for you so that you can feel happier and healthier.


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Take action now!

Out of the rituals listed, which are you going to start doing for yourself this week?  Share it in the comments below!

5 Steps to Manifest What You Desire

We have various things that we desire to have in life.  Maybe it’s a loving and supportive boyfriend or husband or a job that you truly love.  Maybe it’s to live or travel to a certain location.  Maybe it’s simply to feel happy or supported by others.

We all have these types of desires.  This desire to have something that’s better than what we currently have in life.

Though we are not consciously aware of it most of the time, the reality is that we are constantly manifesting.  We are constantly co-creating with the universe our current state of reality.  So whenever we keep telling ourselves things like, “This job sucks” then we will begin to hate our job more and more because we are the ones creating that energy.

On the flip side, if we tell ourselves “I’m amazing, attractive, and beautiful” then we are going to be sending that energy out to the environment around us and then attract more external things that make us feel amazing, attractive, and beautiful.

This is one of the biggest reasons why we fail to create exactly what it is that we desire: We belief that the shift must happen externally before it can happen internally.  We fail to realize that in order for the things that we desire to manifest in our external world, we have to shift our perception internally.  We have to let go of any beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that are holding us back from having what it is that we desire.

Above all, we have to focus intently in our internal condition, rather than to focus heavily on the new car or boyfriend that we want.

Below are 5 steps to follow in order to help you manifest exactly what it is that you truly desire.

Step 1: Let go of any meaningless desires and identify what you really want.

So for the majority of the population, if we are asked what it is that we want or desire then chances are we are going to answer by saying something like “A new car”, “To make $100,000 a year”, or “To get married”.

If you have any desires like this, write them down and acknowledge them.  Then sit back and really reflect on them and ask yourself why you really desire these things.  Are these things really going to provide you with what it is you really desire?

Here’s an example: Susan desires a new car.  She believes that this new car is going to make her feel happy and more successful.  One day Susan actually does get this car.  But she’s not really satisfied.  Sure, she now feels more successful and socially “up-to-date” in relation to her peers, but what Susan really wanted was to feel free, joyful and happy.  She now finds herself desiring a new house.

When we focus on the external thing rather than to really reflect and dive deep on the feeling that we desire we can then begin to find ourselves truly fulfilled rather than superficially fulfilled.

So look at the things that you desire to have in your external environment.  Then sit back and ask yourself, “What is the feeling that I desire to feel as a result of this?”  Free?  Supported?  Loved?  Excited?  Joyful?  Impactful?  What is it that you’re currently lacking in life that you are trying to gain through this external thing?

Now, please note that I don’t necessarily mean that you can’t ever desire to have a new relationship or a new car.  It is okay to desire these things.  However, you just want to be sure that this is something you really want that is going to satisfy you.  This way you don’t find yourself chasing your desire with material things that get you no where.

Step 2: Clear your space.

The reason that many of us struggle to actually manifest what we desire is because are unconsciously blocking ourselves with our limiting fear-based beliefs.  All of our limited beliefs are unique to us because they are based on our past history.  They can come from a combination of our childhood upbringing, past dating experiences, old emotional or physical traumas, childhood bullying, and so on.

We all have these blocks because we are human and our ego causes us to hold on to these limiting beliefs.  So the key to releasing these blocks is to be committed to asking the universe to help you release these beliefs.

This is where the power of prayer really comes in.  Make the commitment to say a prayer every morning and/or night to help you in releasing your blocks.  And here’s one key thing to remember: The more you surrender into your prayer and know you are perfect just the way you are then the more you’ll benefit.

Step 3: Open yourself to your desire.

So once you have identified the feeling that you wish to experience internally, take the time to really connect to that feeling.  Every day or at least a few times a week, do a meditation or visualization that allows you connect to that feeling.  Imagine in your mind’s eye what it would look and feel like to have your desire become a reality.  The more you do that, then the more you become embodied in your desire, which will strengthen it to become a reality.

Step 4: Take action.

Though we can certainly wish that simply praying and doing meditation will magically cause our desire to manifest, that isn’t how it works.  We have to act.  So if you want a new relationship, then get yourself out in public.  If you want a new car because you know it will help you live more comfortably, then start looking around for cars and comparing prices.  If you want a job that you absolutely love, then start looking for new jobs or read some books to discover your biggest strengths.

Remember, it’s all about co-creating with the universe.  The universe isn’t going to simply do it all for you just because you made the intention.  You have to be sure to do your half of the effort.


Step 5: Have faith.

Typically after we set the stage to manifest exact what we desire, our ego goes into a bit of a “panic” or “self-doubt” mode where we struggle to really believe that it can happen.  We can find ourselves anxious, doubtful, worried, or frustrated.

Be self-accepting and mindful when this comes up.  Simply accept it as a natural response from the ego.  Don’t try to push or force it away.  Simply accept it and then let it go.

Be sure that you don’t focus a lot of energy on the worry because that will shift your energy and cause a delay in manifesting your desire.  If you find yourself worrying, stop, take several deep breaths, and focus intensely in the present moment. You can also try yoga, exercise, or do EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you release the worry.

Ultimately, remember: Trust in the universe.  Things may not quite manifest exactly at the right time or in the way that you want them to.  Have patience and trust that the universe will give you exactly what you need at the exact time that you need it.

Begin to manifest what you desire today!

What is it that you desire in your life?  What is the feeling that you desire to experience?  What kinds of things can you do that will help you manifest that feeling in your life?  Share it in the comments below!

The #1 Habit You Need to Develop to Live the Life of Your Dreams

We all want to be happy.  We all want to feel fulfilled and as if we are truly living our life’s purpose.  We all want to live the life of our dreams.

Yet, for many of us, we struggle to make our dreams a reality.  We feel unsettled, frustrated, and worried in our day to day live.  We feel like we’re running a race through this thing called life rather than truly enjoying it.  We may find ourselves dreaming about how things will get better in some long foreseen future or being nostalgic over how things “used to be”.

We feel disconnected… as if we have somehow “lost” ourselves along the way and as if we need to “find” ourselves again.  Well, I’m here to say that this feeling is very true — it’s very real, but the thing is that we haven’t quite “lost” ourselves per-say.  Rather, we’ve just repressed ourselves.

How?  You ask.

Simply put: By ignoring our own true feelings and desires in hopes to please the people around us.

Which, leads me to the #1 habit that we need to develop in order to live the life of our dreams:  To learn how to say no, and say it often!  Here I explain more in our video for this week:

Start saying “no” more frequently for this entire week!

For this week I want your primary focus to be on saying no and saying it often.  Even if you fear that you’ll disappoint someone.  Even if you fear that other people won’t like it.  Even if your not 100% confident about how you’re feeling.  Just say no.

Because here’s the thing: The simple fact that you’re even thinking about saying “no” is a sure sign that emotionally, physically, mentally, somewhere in your being you really truly don’t want to do it.  So say “no” anyway.

The key here is that, as humans, we are beings of habit.  If we have avoided saying no for so long, then we have wired our brains into being used to repressing our own true feelings in order to please other people.  And so, for this week I want you to focus on just saying no to get the habit started.

You may notice that once you get into the groove of saying no that you may go a little too far overboard — this is totally natural!  So be easy on yourself and know that you will get more balanced out overtime.  It’s just a part of the process.

5 Ways to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Dream

We all have a dream. To do the very thing that we love to do that makes us feel fulfilled, vibrant, and more alive. The very thing that excites us every day and leaves us in a state of wonder over all of our opportunities for creation.

But how many of us actually make those dreams a reality? The trouble is that for many of us, we have these dreams but we stop before we even really begin. We have limiting beliefs that sneak in and tell us things like “I don’t have the time or money to start this” or “I’ll never be able to make a living doing that”.

Whenever these thoughts come up it feels like being a dog on a leash – you want to run and you have all the energy and inspiration to, but you have this collar around your neck with a leash attached to it holding you back.

So what can we do to stop self-sabotaging ourselves so that we CAN create the life of our dreams?

Keep focused on the dream.

Every time we make progress and a thought like “I can’t do this because…” comes up, we must to stop, breath, and focus on the goal. We must focus completely on the outcome that we want to create. The more energy that we put into focusing on that dream then the more fuel we give that dream over our mind’s pessimism.

Stay persistent.

Envision the dreams in our mind’s eyes and then create a plan. We need to ask ourselves: What can we do every day to take us one step closer to making our dream a reality? Everyone fails and struggles in the process of making their dream come true. Even Walt Disney had plenty of rejections, but he succeeded through his persistence.

Trust that our inner guide has all the answers we need.

During those moments when we have really been struggling to draft a plan on how to achieve our goal, stop and be still. The answers to all of our questions on our journey are already buried deep down within us. And, chances are, the answers may have already popped up in our minds as a thought or idea but we just haven’t fully acknowledged and accepted it. Pay close attention to those random thoughts and ideas as they come up.

Relax and be passive when we feel the need to.

Our modern day society has taught us that productivity is not occurring unless we are actively working. Guess what? This is not true! Our moments of relaxation, reflection and looking within are just as equally important as being active. We must learn to pay close attention to our own needs and desires at each given moment and trust that acting on them is exactly what we need to move closer to our dream.

Be patient and have faith that all will be okay.

Though we can set up a plan to make our dreams a reality, we can never really know the results so we must allow ourselves to trust and have faith. The results will come when they are truly meant to come, so we have to have patience and be easy on ourselves. The ego-driven habit is to worry and become restless. Breath. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the process of getting there. After all, it is the journey through the obstacles that create greater depth and meaning than the outcome itself.



Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Dream TODAY!

What are some things that you’ve always wanted to do in life but you’ve never let yourself do it? What excuses have you been telling yourself? What can you do today to bring you a step closer to making that dream a reality?


The Realization that Transformed the Way I Approach Life

As some of you may know from my About Page, a little over two years ago I moved to South Korea.

Prior to the move, I felt as if I had been doing all these things to make other people happy and that I was living someone else’s life rather than my own. I was tired, stressed, and not really taking care of myself the way I needed to be. I was drinking too much coffee and much more alcohol than I probably should’ve been in order to unwind from this “adult life” that I felt I was expected to.

I was worn out and I felt very disconnected from myself… I felt I had lost myself somewhere along the path of “growing up”.

So I packed away a year’s worth of clothes and belongings into two suitcases and, in a leap of faith, took my first 747 across the Pacific.

Weeks before moving, I kept daydreaming of all the possibilities:

“This is a foreign country completely different from here!”

“There will be so much to learn and explore!”

“How on earth could I NOT live in the present moment while living there? It will be so much easier to stop dreaming about the future!”

All of this was paired with idealistic dreams of effortlessly becoming a freelance writer on the side for extra income so I could later afford to live and teach in Europe.

… yeah right Jen.

During my first week in Korea, I quickly had a bit of a rude awakening.  I met up with fellow expats and found myself going along doing the same exact thing that I’ve done back home.  Talking the same way, acting the same way, saying things because I felt it was more socially appropriate while hiding my own genuine feelings for the sake of others.

I remember walking across an overpass after socializing at a bar with fellow expats when it occurred to me: This is NO different here than it was back home! I’m STILL struggling with getting lost in other people and I’m still drinking more than I want to be. It was then that I fully realized: Wherever we go, there we are. We can start dating someone new, we can make new friends, we can even move on the other side of the world but the one thing that NEVER changes is what WE bring to the table.


It’s been a long journey since I had that realization.  Though it is still a journey, I do feel that I have done a 180.  I’m so much happier and fulfilled.  For the first time since I’ve begun this true journey of “adulthood” I feel in tune with myself and truly on the correct path.  And even though everything may not be “perfect”, I’m no longer sad about any of the struggles but overwhelmed with excitement for what’s yet to come.

How do I do it, you ask?  Well, some simple things really…

1.  Taking time to either meditate, pray, and/or reflect in a journal every day.

2.  Focus on my own emotions as I’m experiencing them.

3.  Reaching out to find like-minded groups.

4.   Completely following the inner drive of what I want to do rather than what other people or society wants me to do.

It takes effort.  Afterall, it is a continuous never ending journey but the payback through the simplest of efforts is totally worth it in every way imaginable.  Life’s always going to be full of challenges, but the moment you accept the challenge and take full responsibility for your own actions in the situation then shifts start to happen.  It’s when you shift your thinking from the victimhood of “Oh I always get sh*t on in relationships…” to the excitement and boldness of “Alright universe, what do you got for me next?” that you really step up to the plate.

Are YOU stepping up to the plate in your life?  Are you completely owning that?  Are you ready to tackle challenges?  Are you ready to create your best relationships possible?  Are you ready to create a life for yourself that may be seemingly “impossible”?

This is why I am here today to help support YOU on your process. We all experience painful challenges in life and we all need support and help to work through those roadblocks. What I’ve realized through my own experience is that the greatest gift we can give ourselves in times of struggle is the support and guidance of others who understand.


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Are you struggling in a relationship? Are you still trying to recover from a painful relationship? Are you really wanting to STOP getting “lost” in other people? Are you ready to really re-claim your own inner power? Then check out my Individual Coaching Program sign up for a FREE 30-Minute coaching consultation with me today.

I am here to support you in your journey at whatever level you are at.

Have you had any huge realizations that have transformed the way you approach your life?  Share them below!