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Season 1 | Episode 005: Specialness & Genuine Happiness

In this episode, I go deeper into the concept of special relationships by applying it not only in our relationships with people but with many things in the world.

Here’s a few takeaways:

  • We can apply the concept of special relationships to any kind of relationship that we have with the world.
  • True fulfillment doesn’t necessarily come from personal material gain.  Rather, it comes through being truly of service.
  • Genuine happiness comes through being present, being of service and an intention to infuse love into all that you do.
  • It’s never been about just you — it never has been and never will be — it’s about all of us.
  • We are all in this together.  When one of us is suffering, we are all suffering.


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Homework for this week: Try to catch your ego going into the thoughts like “this sucks”, “why is this so hard for me”, or “X has it better than me”.  Recognize the ego, then choose to see things differently.  Try to get yourself out of the ego thoughts and then, instead, ask yourself: How can I serve?  How can I help someone today?  How can I help make someone’s day a little easier?  Then do it!

Have a blessed week!

Much love,


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Season 1 | Episode 004: The Holy Instant, The Picture & the Frame, and Forgiveness

MiraculousLife_1400x1400_v2This week I’m shifting gears a little bit.  Rather than read a passage from the Course and reflect on it, I’m answering a few questions I’ve received on how to study the Course and I’m also elaborating on the concepts of the Holy Instant, the Picture and the Frame, and forgiveness.

Here’s a few takeaways from this week’s podcast:

  • When studying the Course, don’t try to force it and “figure it all out”.  When we relax and are still, that’s when the material starts to really make sense.
  • If you’re studying the Course, be sure to do the workbook!
  • The Holy Instant is the moment when it’s like the “clouds part” of our ego and we’re fully in the present moment.
  • To see the picture, we have to see things with fresh eyes.  When we see the picture, we see things as they are in the present moment.  When we see the frame, we’re seeing the labels and past associations that we have with that person, place, or thing.
  • Forgiveness happens when we are able to see another person’s picture — their truth, their light, their love — rather than their frame — their ego, their darkness, their wounds.


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The homework for this week is to do the forgiveness visualization that I talk about near the end of the episode. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode!

Much love to you,



Season 1 | Episode 003: Special Relationships

Welcome to Episode 003 of the Your Miraculous Life Podcast!


In this third episode, I share a passage from Chapter 17 from the Course entitled, The Two Pictures.

Here are some of the main take-a-ways from this passage:

  • Every special relationship occupies our mind so much that we cannot hear the call for truth.
  • The special relationship has the most imposing and deceptive frame of all the defenses the ego uses.
  • Remember to look at the picture.  Do not let the frame distract you.  The frame is our projection on to the other person or thing — its the ego’s distortion.  The picture is the reality or truth.
  • Our relationship with the Divine is a reflection of our relationship to one another.


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So I want you to sit back and ask yourself: How do special relationships play out in your life?  How is it that your ego makes other people “special”?  How have you seen this play out in the past or currently in romantic relationships?  Or in friendships?  Or other relationships?

Then, I also want you to commit to a daily practice for yourself to improve your relationship with Source, the Divine, God, or whatever you want to call it.  This can be through daily meditation, prayer, yoga, or whatever.

In the comments below, share how special relationships play out in your life and the daily practice that you are committing yourself to (whether you already have been or you want to start).

Much love,


P.S.  I know there’s a lot of information that I covered in this particular episode.  So if you have any questions about anything I discussed in this episode that you’d like me to clarify or elaborate more, then please comment below and let me know.  I’ll be happy to answer. 🙂

Season 1 | Episode 002: Miracles as True Perception

Welcome to Episode 002 of the Your Miraculous Life Podcast!


In this second episode, I share a passage from Chapter 3 from the Course entitled, Miracles as True Perception.

Here are some of the main take-a-ways from this passage:

  • No one who has ever lived who has not experienced some light.
  • The miracle perceives everything as it truly is.
  • If you perceive truly (by having a true love-based mindset) you are canceling out misperceptions in yourself and in others simultaneously.  Because you are seeing others as they truly are, you are therefore accepting their truth so that they can accept their own truth for themselves as well.


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For the next week, 2 weeks, month or a few months, set the intention for yourself to recognize how you are perceiving other’s darkness.  Are you catching yourself judging someone for something they said or did?  Are you criticizing them in someway?  Are you somehow making yourself “better” than them in some way?  This is just the ego — this is your darkness, and it leads little room for healing.

So once you recognize how you are focusing on the darkness of others with your own darkness (through judgement, criticism, etc.),  then give it up to spirit.  Ask the Divine, the Universe, your higher self, the Holy Spirit, your inner guide (however you want to call it) to help you see this differently and to help you see the light in them.

As a result, you will not only be healing your own perception, but they will then be more open to their own light as well.

Much love,


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Season 1 | Episode 001: Littleness vs. Magnitude

Welcome to my very first episode of the Your Miraculous Life Podcast!

MiraculousLife_1400x1400_v2I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast for years, so I’m so incredibly excited to share my very first episode with you!

I’ve felt called to study and teach A Course in Miracles since reading Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love while laying on a beach in New Zealand in 2013.  I bought my first hard copy of the book a few months later at a local bookstore (I was traveling before, so Kindle was my main source for reading!).

I read the Course every night before bed for about a month and — alas — life and my own “monkey-mind” took over.  It then has sat on my nightstand in every apartment I’ve lived in since but with only very short periods of actually reading it.

Then last June in New York City after attending Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass I had the idea to create a podcast where I reflected on passages from the Course.

Needless to say, life and my monkey mind, got the best of me once again and the podcast was never created… until now!

In this first episode of Your Miraculous Life, I share a passage from A Course in Miracles that discusses the differences between littleness versus magnitude.  Listen in to hear what the passage says and my reflections.  Enjoy!

A few take-a-ways from this passage:

  • Everything in this world is little because it is a world made out of littleness.  The world is mostly in a place of fear and littleness.
  • When you choose littleness, you will not have peace because you have judged yourself unworthy of magnitude.  By choosing littleness, we are then choosing to be in a place of believing unworthy and incapable.  We are then choosing to be in a place of stress and worry.
  • You will be content only in magnitude, which is your home.


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Homework for this week:  Think of one area of your life: relationships, career, finances, etc. and ask yourself: How have I been caught up in littleness in this area of my life?  Write it down in a journal or on a piece of paper.  Do a free write if you feel the need to.

Then share in the comments below how you have been caught up in littleness in an area of your life — OR head on over to my podcast listeners Facebook group to discuss and gain support!

Much love,