Transformational Quick-Guides


No-More Disappointment Quick-Guide – $9.99

Are you feeling disappointed in a boyfriend or girlfriend, friend, or family member?  This quick-guide will lead you to the exact mindset shifts needed to help you transform your disappointment into acceptance and love.

Meditation Album


Ignite Love from Within Album + Journal

Have you been feeling tired and drained?  Are you wanting more out of your relationships but not sure how to go deeper?  Are you wanting to feel more happiness, joy, and love in your relationships and life?  Click here to learn more about Ignite Love from Within!


Open the Door to Forgiveness Quick-Guide – $14.99

Are you struggling to forgive an ex, friend, family member or colleague?  In this Quick-Guide, I will guide you through a process of story writing to help you see this person with new eyes and transform your resentment into compassionate forgiveness.


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Individual Coaching

Are you ready to start living the life you have always dreamed about? Do you feel deep down in your core, that now is the time for change… but you just don’t know where to start?  I’m here to help!  Click here to learn more about my Individual Coaching!