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“Before I started working with Jennifer I had several different struggles. In our sessions we primarily focused on my destructive relationship patterns. Jennifer provided a neutral and non-judgmental space for looking at the thoughts and behavior patterns that I wanted to change. This kind of space was in many ways a new experience for me and it really helped me to open up for change. She gave me new perspectives and insights on areas and issues where I felt stuck. It helped me to take steps forward in these situations. Something I really appreciated was that Jennifer could give me concrete advice in specific situations that was non-intrusive. Jennifer’s personal yet professional approach really gave me confidence in her and her work.
My sessions with Jennifer have had a critical impact for reinforcing my journey of opening up to a new way of being. “

– Cecilia Widén, Sweden


Jennifer’s insightful, thought-provoking articles never fail to inspire. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to share her writing on Tiny Buddha, as I know it’s been helpful to readers!”

– Lori Deschene, Founder of


“Jennifer is smart, intuitive and has a sharp ability to cut straight to what shifts needs to take place to live a more authentic and spirit-centered life. When I started working with her, I was not sure where I was blocked or what I needed other than I knew something needed to shift to have more balance in my life. She created the space to explore this feeling and guided me to take actionable steps for change. I was particularly moved by her use of guided meditation. She used traditional meditation techniques along with meditations she created and tailored to fit my needs–these meditations will forever remain close to my heart. Since engaging with her through her coaching, her meditation and her writing, I feel more grounded and confident in approaching challenges in my life, have new strategies to feel more balanced, productive and empowered. I highly recommend the work that Jennifer does.”

– Jackie Johansen, California, of


“Jennifer is incredibly insightful when it comes to improving relationships with people in our lives, and with ourselves. From her personal experiences, wealth of expertise and knowledge, and deep intuition, she is able to guide you through connecting with your desires first and foremost, so that you’re able to release the obligation to please others at the expense of yourself. In turn, you’ll find yourself more fulfilled, happier, healthier, better able to express yourself and better connected with people in your life. If you’re tired of people pleasing or feeling like you’re not being valued in your relationships, I highly recommend connecting with Jennifer for coaching, or simply to read her phenomenal articles.”

– Stephenie Zamora, Colorado, of


“Jennifer’s words and voice in Ignite Love from Within are instantly calming and grounding, allowing you to take a step away from your to-do list, worries, and fears and come back into your body. I LOVE what she’s done here. Whether you’re new to guided meditations or have been practicing for months, her work here will allow you to step into your own power and choose love (over fear) at any moment throughout the day. All you have to do is press play.”

~ Corinne Dobbas, California, of


“What a beautiful meditation album! Jennifer’s gentle voice guides you into a blissful
state of relaxation and connects us to a higher consciousness. Her instructions are clear
and helpful. I would highly recommend this meditation album”

~ Julie Cornish, Canada, of


“The gratitude mediation is a beautiful way to start the day. Jennifer’s serene guidance brought me to a place of deep love, reminding me to be present and release any feelings of angst that hold me back from truly feeling love.”

~ Jennifer Greenwald, Connecticut, of