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Season 1 | Episode 005: Specialness & Genuine Happiness

In this episode, I go deeper into the concept of special relationships by applying it not only in our relationships with people but with many things in the world.

Here’s a few takeaways:

  • We can apply the concept of special relationships to any kind of relationship that we have with the world.
  • True fulfillment doesn’t necessarily come from personal material gain.  Rather, it comes through being truly of service.
  • Genuine happiness comes through being present, being of service and an intention to infuse love into all that you do.
  • It’s never been about just you — it never has been and never will be — it’s about all of us.
  • We are all in this together.  When one of us is suffering, we are all suffering.


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Homework for this week: Try to catch your ego going into the thoughts like “this sucks”, “why is this so hard for me”, or “X has it better than me”.  Recognize the ego, then choose to see things differently.  Try to get yourself out of the ego thoughts and then, instead, ask yourself: How can I serve?  How can I help someone today?  How can I help make someone’s day a little easier?  Then do it!

Have a blessed week!

Much love,


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2 thoughts on “Season 1 | Episode 005: Specialness & Genuine Happiness

  1. Definitely reaching out to someone much more in need than we can be, surely will help us feel useful and caring for this whole world. I am working with the elderly and every time I find one of them grieving, I always ask myself what can I do to make them comfortable? How can I ease their suffering? And, it doesn’t take much : a smile; listen to them a few minutes; open a door; tell them an encouraging word. And then you feel grateful for your health, your strength… We don’t lose anything when we are giving to others.

    Thanks for those empowered posdcasts. They encourage me to be more woman, more self reliable.

    Thank you so much!

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