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Season 1 | Episode 002: Miracles as True Perception

Welcome to Episode 002 of the Your Miraculous Life Podcast!


In this second episode, I share a passage from Chapter 3 from the Course entitled, Miracles as True Perception.

Here are some of the main take-a-ways from this passage:

  • No one who has ever lived who has not experienced some light.
  • The miracle perceives everything as it truly is.
  • If you perceive truly (by having a true love-based mindset) you are canceling out misperceptions in yourself and in others simultaneously.  Because you are seeing others as they truly are, you are therefore accepting their truth so that they can accept their own truth for themselves as well.


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For the next week, 2 weeks, month or a few months, set the intention for yourself to recognize how you are perceiving other’s darkness.  Are you catching yourself judging someone for something they said or did?  Are you criticizing them in someway?  Are you somehow making yourself “better” than them in some way?  This is just the ego — this is your darkness, and it leads little room for healing.

So once you recognize how you are focusing on the darkness of others with your own darkness (through judgement, criticism, etc.),  then give it up to spirit.  Ask the Divine, the Universe, your higher self, the Holy Spirit, your inner guide (however you want to call it) to help you see this differently and to help you see the light in them.

As a result, you will not only be healing your own perception, but they will then be more open to their own light as well.

Much love,


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