Ignite Love from Within

Have you been…

  • Feeling tired and drained?
  • Wanting more out of your relationships but not sure how to go deeper?
  • Feeling “stuck” in your relationships?
  • Wondering where your love and excitement for life has gone?
  • Wanting to feel more happiness, joy, and love in your life and relationships?
  • Wanting to improve your relationship or get into a new relationship, but it’s just not happening?

If this sounds like you, I completely understand where you’re at.

I’ve lived it and I’m here to guide you through a transformational journey to Ignite Love from Within so you create a miraculous relationships and a life filled with love.

Let me be clear… Ignite Love from Within isn’t any ol’ meditation album.  Rather, it’s a journey deep within the depths of your soul to ignite your own love and light within.

Through Ignite Love from Within, you’ll be able to…

  • Experience great calm and peace within yourself
  • Discover a sense of total inner bliss
  • Start feeling supported by others and the world around you
  • Become reconnected to your own inner truth
  • Reconnect with your own inner love and joy for life itself
  • Attract more love to you
  • Allow a whole new level of love to emerge in your relationships and life


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“I just love Jennifer’s meditation album. Her pacing and ability to hold space helped me ground and connect to myself in new ways. I particularly enjoyed the exercise on connecting to my the inner child. After following her meditation, I felt more creative, joyful and aligned with my next right action. I highly recommend Jennifer’s work!”

~ Jackie Johansen, of YourWordsElectric.com

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For over 2 years, I’ve had the honor of supporting women all over the world -- just like you!  Through my individual coaching, products, and weekly blogs, I’ve helped women bust through blocks so that they can experience the love, happiness, and peace that they desire in their relationships and life.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“But they were just lucky”


“They were more capable and deserving of love than I am”

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is possible for everyone to have a life and relationships filled with love.

Trust me, I know it all very well.

In fact, I didn’t think I deserved love either.

Several years ago I was felt drained, overwhelmed and unsupported.  I absolutely craved the happiness, joy and love in my life and relationships that I wanted oh-so-badly but it seemed that, despite all my efforts, it just wasn’t going to happen.

I felt as if everyone else had this “secret key” that could unlock all the love and happiness they desired but I just couldn’t have access.

I remember thinking to myself, How do they do it?  How are they able to be in this happy, loving and stable relationship?  What do they have that I don’t have?

I was lost, depressed, and lonely.  And I had no idea what I needed to change.

I didn’t realize it then, but I know now, that the happiness, joy and love I deeply desired was right under my fingertips all along....

I wasn’t going to find the love that I desired in the world, the love that I desired was found deep within myself.

This idea provided the foundation for Ignite Love from Within.  It is created to help you ignite love within the core of your being so that you can create and manifest relationships and a life filled with love.

This meditation album has everything that I wish I had years ago, so I’m so incredibly happy to share it with you today!

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So how can we ignite love from within?  One of the most impactful tools I've found is meditation.

Through meditation I've...

... learned how to better manage stress.

... reconnected to my own inner love from life.

... managed to overcome my fears, worry and anxiety that has arisen in relationships.

And, as a result, I've managed to get myself in a stable and loving relationship where I feel loved, cherished, supported, and cared for every single day.

I owe meditation a lot to my own transformation, and I know with confidence that it can be a huge component to your own transformation to creating a life of happiness, joy, and love as well.

This is why I've created Ignite Love from Within: Meditations for Creating Relationships and a Life Filled with Love -- as a way for me to help guide and support you on your own journey.

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In this album, I cover a wide variety of areas.  From meditations to help you free the body of overwhelm to finding gratitude to manifesting love in your life.  This meditation album takes a truly holistic approach to help you ignite love from within in the mind, body and spirit.  In addition, the album includes 16 tracks with many that are over 10 minutes.  Totaling the the entire album at 3+ hours of material.

The tracks included on the album are:

#1 - Becoming Calm

#2 - Connecting to the Body

#3 - Coming into the Now

#4 - The Love Shower

#5 - Cutting Cords with Others

#6 - Freeing the Body of Overwhelm

#7 - Setting Energetic Boundaries with Others

#8 - Healing Blocks to Love

#9 - Coming into Balance

#10 - Finding Grace Through Gratitude

#11 - Forgiving Others

#12 - Seeing Others as Equals

#13 - Awakening Your Inner Child

#14 - Choosing a Loving Mindset

#15 - Grounding into Your Power

#16 - Manifesting Love

To help be committed in your meditation practice, I've also created the Ignite Love from Within Journal.  In this 70-page journal, you will be able to track your meditation experiences every day over the course of 30 days.

In addition, the meditation album and journal is housed on my own private online course site, where you will have access to member-only blog posts and be able to easily ask questions and gain support.


**This is not a physical product.  The meditation album is in a digital mp3 file format and journal is in a pdf file format.

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Here's what people have been saying about Ignite Love from Within...


praise pic 3"Jennifer's words and voice in Ignite Love from Within are instantly calming and grounding, allowing you to take a step away from your to-do list, worries, and fears and come back into your body. I LOVE what she's done here. Whether you're new to guided meditations or have been practicing for months, her work here will allow you to step into your own power and choose love (over fear) at any moment throughout the day. All you have to do is press play."

~ Corinne Dobbas, California, of CorinneDobbas.com

"Jennifer’s meditation style is gentle and inviting, with her soothing voice guiding you through the perfect visualization for the issue you’re experiencing. She creates the space avatar_350pxfor healing to take place while you relax and settle into your body, an important daily practice. Being an empath and highly sensitive person, Jennifer’s boundary setting meditation was perfect for creating an energetic boundary between myself and those that drain me. After one short, relaxing sitting I was feeling energized and focused, and no longer drug down by the people and experiences that were taking their toll on me. I’d highly recommend Jennifer’s meditation album to anyone seeing to create fulfilling relationships with others and themselves."

~ Stephenie Zamora, Colorado, of StephenieZamora.com

"What a beautiful meditation album! Jennifer’s gentle voice guides you into a blissful HW_0095state of relaxation and connects us to a higher consciousness. Her instructions are clear
and helpful. I would highly recommend this meditation album"

~ Julie Cornish, Canada, of JulieCornish.com

image1"The gratitude mediation is a beautiful way to start the day. Jennifer's serene guidance brought me to a place of deep love, reminding me to be present and release any feelings of angst that hold me back from truly feeling love."

~ Jennifer Greenwald, Connecticut, of JenniferGreenwald.com

With Ignite Love from Within you'll receive:

  • 3+ hours of audio guided meditations
  • 70-page journal to help track your meditation goals and reflect on your progress
  • Private members-only blog posts

This complete meditation album with the journal, and private member-only blog posts is valued at $88.

However, because I really want you to be a part of this transformational journey to Ignite Love from Within at an affordable price, I'm offering you the meditation album + journal + private members-only site for only $37!

Are you ready to Ignite Love from Within?  If so, click below to purchase and start meditating now!

Ignite Love from Within

Meditation album + Journal

Only $37!

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