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The Secret to Being Happy in Any Relationship

For the longest time, I was a chameleon in my relationships.  I liked whatever others around me liked.  I agreed with whatever others agreed.  I gave in hopes to somehow find real and intimate relationships where I felt fully supported and loved — until I realized this secret.





6 Signs it May Be Time to Break Up With Your Friend

In this piece, which was originally published for HuffPost Women, I share 6 signs that may indicate that it is time to breakup with a friend.





10 Relationship Truths Every Woman Needs to Know

Many women are brought up with these strong ideals of what “romance” and “falling in love” is. Unfortunately, however, many of these ideals that we our influenced to believe can be detrimental to our relationship success.  Here are 10 relationship truths that every woman needs to know to create loving and fulfilling relationships.

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When You Want More Love and Support in Relationships

“You’re imperfect, and you’re wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” ~Brené Brown.  For several years I believed that I was bound for endless struggle and disappointment in my relationships.  That is, until I came to realize these four key lessons.

We Can Be Positive Without Repressing Our Emotions

A while back I was unexpectedly laid off by my part-time job.  Though I was very distressful and upsetting, I was able to come to several realizations on how to not repress our emotions but still remain positive.

3 Tips to Embrace Imperfections and Bounce Back from Mistakes

Have you ever tried to pretend that you were “perfect”?  Here is a short story of my own struggle with perfectionism and 3 tips we should call keep in mind to help embrace our own imperfections.

Let Yourself Be Instead of Pushing to Get Things Done

One weekend I went out on a retreat in hopes to find myself re-centered, calm, and balanced.  When I came back to the city life just as stressed and discontent as I was when I left, I surrendered to the moment and I came to a powerful and transformative realization.




Gap Years Gone Bad

In early 2014, I was interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine to share my challenging experiences while teaching abroad in South Korea.  The interview was published in the June 2014 issue of Cosmo.  In this interview I share my personal experience along with tips so anyone who is thinking of teaching abroad can avoid the same challenges I experienced.





 5 Ways to Love Yourself Unconditionally  

Most of us aren’t so great in the self-love department.  We know how to love, take care of, and give to others but when ever it comes to doing those things for ourselves we have difficulty.  Here are 5 ways that we can start loving ourselves unconditionally.





7 Beliefs Worth Having

One Saturday I attended a local self-development meetup, where a topic of discussion was how our beliefs can hinder our growth.  After the meetup, I reflected deeper on the topic and asked myself: Do all beliefs truly hinder our growth?  I decided: Certainly not!  In this post I share 7 beliefs that I feel are totally worth having.





Men Want Women to Be Empowered

In a class I took last winter, I did deep meditation/hypnosis where I was guided to feel what it was like to be a man.  During this experience, I came to realize something very profound about what men truly want from the women in their lives.






The Key to Finding Emotional Support in Your Relationships

For several years, I found myself deeply unfulfilled and unsupported in my relationships.  I couldn’t quite figure out what I shifts I needed to make in order to start finding fulfillment… until I discovered this one unexpected key to finding emotional support.





3 Ways to Find Joy & Fulfillment Even When You Feel Like Crap

Are you feeling kind of crappy lately and unsure how to find joy, fulfillment and happiness in the midst of it?  Here, I share 3 tips that can help you start turning things around today!





Interview: Taking Care of Yourself in Relationships

In this podcast, I am interviewed by Bill Weil about that one troublesome relationship we all have … the relationship with ourselves.