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Hi, I’m Jennifer Twardowski and I’m here to help you create a more loving relationship with you, so you can live a joyful, fulfilled, and miraculous life.

When I was 24 years old, it appeared I was doing everything “right” in my life. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree and had recently moved back to my hometown. While living with a friend, I was substitute teaching frequently while applying for a full time job, which allowed me to have a steady stream of income. According to society, I was doing “all the right steps.”

Bachelor’s degree in hand? Check!
Teaching certification completed? Check!
Applying for full time jobs in a high demand field? Check!

Not only was I doing everything that was expected of me as a real adult, I was making great progress. Soon I would be committing to a full time teaching position helping students learn and doing the thing I was passionate about in my very own classroom… I should have been thrilled.

But instead, I felt empty.

Something was missing. I began feeling that somewhere, somehow, this process of “becoming an adult” had caused me to gradually lose myself. I had lost touch with something alive and vibrant deep within me, something that gave me a zest and love for life, and it felt like I was dying a slow death.

To make matters worse, when I took a look at my relationships, it was apparent something was totally wrong. I’d been single for a little over two years at the time, and my dating experiences were far from fulfilling. Meanwhile, all my friends were getting secure jobs, settling down, getting married, buying houses with the white picket fence, and having their 2.5 kids. All the while, I kept feeling like I was losing more and more of myself.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was completely disconnected from my true self.

Losing myself was the result of:

  • Years of doing things just to “keep other people happy,” rather than focusing on what I really wanted to do.
  • Ignoring my own inner guide over and over again, in order to ensure I wasn’t disappointing anyone else in my life.
  • Never allowing myself to truly be ME.

And so, at just 24 years old, I decided to reject an offer for a full-time teaching job and instead moved myself halfway around the world to South Korea to teach English as a Second Language for a year.

By myself and without knowing any Korean.

My year and a half of living overseas turned out to be one of the most transformational experiences of my life, both externally and internally.

In those 18 months I learned several profound lessons:

  • Love starts from within you. If we always look for it outside of ourselves, we’re always going to be disappointed.
  • We have to fully accept people for who they are and where they’re at on their journey. We can’t force them to change.
  • When you do the work to release inner blocks, understand that you truly deserve love, and announce to the universe that you are ready for it, it will come… and sometimes faster than you thought possible.
  • It’s far more painful to hide your true self from the world than to allow your true self to shine.
  • When you allow yourself to be fully directed by your inner guide, miraculous changes start to happen and your deepest desires begin to manifest.

In addition to my travels, I’ve learned so much just from living my life and facing the kinds of challenges my clients experience every day. I’ve been through many disappointments and had many experiences of not feeling supported or appreciated. I’ve faced massive communication blocks and challenging conflicts where I wasn’t sure how to effectively handle them or make changes. I’ve been a counselor, teacher’s assistant, substitute teacher, behavioral therapist, and have taught ESL. All of these different situations, struggles, and career paths have provided me valuable tools and experiences to build a truly loving relationship with myself.

Since my time abroad, I’ve moved back to the US and I now have an amazing boyfriend. I run a business built around the work that truly lights me up. I support wonderful people like you by helping them bust through blocks, heal, and forgive themselves and others, set clear boundaries, and make self-care a priority.

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Want to know more about me?

Here are some fun facts to hold you over:

  • I’m obsessed with avocados.
  • I started creating floral designs at 10 years old.
  • I’m a born and raised Midwestern country girl who is now living the suburban life in Northern California.
  • I LOVE to dance!
  • One of my dreams in life is to go backpacking through Europe and meet some distant relatives while there — and, one of these days, it’s going to happen!
  • Oh, and I’m also going to live in Bali for a few months — and yes, this has been inspired by “Eat Pray Love”.
  • My favorite novel is “The Time Traveler’s Wife”.
  • One of my favorite past times is to hang out at bookstores and to seemingly try to absorb all the information through osmosis. 😉


Jennifer is a self-love coach, writer, teacher, and spiritual mentor.  She is the creator of Ignite Love from Within: Meditations for Creating Relationships and a Life Filled with Love.


Jennifer Twardowski is the founder of, where her blog reaches over 100,000 views in 180 countries annually.  Through her coaching and weekly blogs, she helps women improve their relationships with themselves, so that they can create lives filled with joy, love, support, and fulfillment.



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