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10 Signs You’re Ready for a Truly Loving Relationship

So you want a loving, stable and committed relationship… but are you actually ready for one?  

Many of us fall into the habit thinking that just because we want to be in a relationship with someone, then we’re ready.  But that’s not necessarily true.

When we don’t take inventory of ourselves either before entering a new relationship or taking a relationship to the next level, that’s when things can fall apart.  So it’s important to check in with yourself and ask: Am I really ready for this right now?  Here’s 10 signs that you are:

#1 – You know and understand that relationships take work

Being in a relationship with someone is kind of like taking care of a plant.  You have to give it enough time, attention and some love and care to be sure it survives and thrives.  If we neglect it and not give it the attention it needs and deserves, it dies.

If you think you can be in a relationship and not really “do” any work on yourself and the relationship, you’re gonna be sorely disappointed.

#2 – You’re willing to put someone else’s interests before your own

Being in a relationship with someone means that we sometimes have to make personal sacrifices for the other person.  Sometimes that means going to a movie that you know you’ll absolutely hate because you know you’re partner will love it.  Sometimes that may even mean making a career change because it will make life easier for your partner or improve the relationship in some way.

When you’re in a relationship with someone else, you yourself are not the only person you have to be concerned about, because now there’s someone else in your life who is equally as important as you.

#3 – You’re willing to work through the challenges

You realize that when conflicts and challenges come up in the relationship that it’s not a sign to leave.  Rather, you realize it’s a sign to work through them, both within yourself and in the relationship.


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#4 – You’re not looking for someone else to complete you

You realize that you are whole and complete within yourself.  You see dating someone as a “bonus” rather than something you desperately need.

#5 – You’re happy and content being single

You’re able to be happy and enjoy life by yourself and you’re ready to invite someone else in to your life not in hopes to satisfy something that is “missing” within you, but to learn, grow and become more emotionally intimate with another.

#6 – You’re willing to accept another person as they truly are

You’re ready and willing to accept another person’s quirks, annoying habits, and interests that you may not care so much about.  You know and understand that the two of you are not going to always have the same views and opinions as well and you’re ready to agree to disagree.

#7 – You know that communication is important

You’re aware that communication is detrimental to relationship success.  You’re willing to openly communicate your own needs, wants, desires, thoughts and feelings with a partner and you’re open to hearing your partner’s as well.  You’re willing to talk through problems rather than ignore them.

#8 – You know that there will be some problems that will never be resolved

You know and have accepted the fact that the conflict of him being much less clean in the kitchen may be something that will never be resolved.  You also understand that he may never be quite as romantic as you wish he were.

#9 – You’ve tossed your “ideal mate” list

You’ve tossed your checklist that he must to be tall, dark, handsome, be making over $70,000+ a year, and be perfectly stable in his career.  You know that when we make checklists of our ideal mate like this, it may very well be preventing us from getting into our next deeply meaningful and loving relationship.

#10 – You’re ready to share the real you with someone else

You’re ready to share the real you with another person, rather than to try to be some “ideal” that you think the other person will like more.  You’re ready to be vulnerable and you’ve worked through any fears you may have of being rejected.

Out of the list above, what concepts are you still needing to work on?  What do you already know and understand?  Share it in the comments below!