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3 Ways to Reclaim Power Over Our Own Health

For years I was dealing with constant digestive issues and allergies. Regardless of diet or the healthcare practitioner I worked with, I found no relief. This past spring I was fortunate to cross paths with an RN who follows alternative medicine was was able to give me relief – and fast!

Even though her method has practically done miracles for me, for the last three weeks I felt like I mess. My allergies were coming back pretty badly, I had pain in my chest again, my acne was going crazy, and my energy was dwindling. To top all that off, I was stressed, frustrated, and angry over the fact that I even felt like this and I had absolutely NO way of contacting my RN for help.

In the midst of my frustration over this, I went to therapy. I didn’t want to go cause I felt terrible, but I figured maybe I can gain some relief. I vented my frustrations to my therapist and we decided to do a meditation where I basically scanned my body to feel where organs and things were calling for my attention. Luckily, by working with my RN, I was able to have a little bit of a “road map”, but its still difficult to really trust one’s intuition was the ROOT cause is, nonetheless.

Gradually, I felt the root cause was in one particular area and that by focusing on it and sending it some healing energy in the meditation it gave it at least some relief.

So I went home and took some supplements in accordance to that area. Needless to say, within a DAY the pain in my chest was gone. Without consulting ANY health “expert” the pain went away.

This week I had an appointment with my RN and I told her what I did. I told her about the pain I was in and the supplements I took. I felt hesitant and anticipated some lecture. Something along the lines of “You shouldn’t take anything without contacting me first” or “That isn’t what you needed. Now you just messed yourself up even more”. But she didn’t say that at all. In fact, she said something that surprised me, “Yes you were exactly right! You DO need more of that supplement”. She then proceeded to explain to me how each of the supplements I’m taking work so I can better make these types of decisions for myself without consulting her.

Wow, isn’t that empowering? For the first time ever, I had a healthcare practitioner say basically say, “You do know more about your body than me and here’s some guidance to help you retake full control over your own health”.

What an interesting yet slightly bizarre concept: In my head I was hardwired to believe that I can’t make accurate decisions about my own health. And, realistically, how many of us in this world have that SAME exact belief?

I mean, realistically, as recovering people pleasers and codependents it is only natural. If we have the tendency to focus so much on other people and their happiness, then we are also inclined to rely heavily on OTHER people to provide us with all the “answers” to our lives. We struggle to reclaim our own power fully and believe we are capable of knowing what we need.

reclaim power

Here are three essential guidelines I’ve found are necessary to fully reclaiming our inner power:

Accept how you are feeling in your body right now.

The biggest mistake we make is that we reject what is happening. We feel bad and we react with “Agh I don’t want to feel like this”. Its like our ego turns it into this belief of “Maybe if I reject it and push was is away enough it will just go away”, but that never works. It only makes us frustrated, stressed, and ultimately feeling worse. If we accept what is we can then act out of love.

Be loving and patient with you and your body.

We’re not going to make perfect decisions 100%. We’re going to slip up and eat something we probably weren’t supposed to at some point or another. Our body is also going to act up once in a while even though we feel we have done everything right. Just be patient and loving. If you send healing energy of love to yourself each time you don’t feel so well instead of having thoughts of “I hate it that I feel this way” then we can heal much faster.

Trust the bodily sensations and ideas that come to you – even if it doesn’t quite make sense.

This can be difficult to do when you’re trying to overcome things like sugar, caffeine, or cravings of fatty things, but there’s never a bad time to start. If you suddenly get a craving for a healthy food like bananas, then get some bananas. Pay close attention to how you feel as you are eating. If you feel like something isn’t settling as “good” as it should then it’s OKAY to stop eating. Also, if you feel one particular part of your body is very extra “warm”, “tight” or “stuck” in some way then send it some extra healing love energy either by visualizing it as a color or putting it your hand over it and imagining the energy coming out through your hand.


Reclaim Power Over Your Health Today!

Are you finding yourself frustrated over your current health situation? What are you most struggling with? What do you think you most need to focus on in order to reclaim power over your health?