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This Morning I Did Something that I NEVER Do…

So, this morning I changed the pace a bit. I felt the need to do something that I NEVER do. It’s something that you might do or something that you don’t. More than likely though, you probably had a family member growing up tell you about the importance of doing this every morning. So either their lecturing caused you to hardwire it into your brain making it a “must do every morning” or the lecturing caused you to rebel and say “I don’t care if you think its important cause I don’t think so” (like myself).

Can you guess what it is?

Yes!  This morning I actually… *drum roll*

…made my bed!

And doing it is such a foreign concept to me that I seriously can’t even remember the last time I did it. Except for, of course, when I change the sheets. It just never appeared to me as something very important. Sure I might’ve tossed the blankets back up but I never really tried to make it very nicely

This morning I felt the need for a sudden change of pace. For some reason I just felt, “I need to make my bed today… and not to satisfy any inner critic in my head that tells me I ‘need’ to do it cause it’s more socially acceptable or something but because it’s something I deserve to do it for myself.”

What a funny realization, isn’t it? This led me to wonder: So what actually is the motive behind all of the “chores” we either do or not do every day? Many of us have simply overlooked this concept. We’ve concluded “Oh, it’s just our own unique personal preferences” and that’s that. But there’s SO much more to it. Our daily routines or “chores” can be a perfect reflection of what is going on for us internally. It can help us to see where our inner critic may be present and if the things we are doing for ourselves are actually set up in a way to really help us or stress us out.

Can “messiness” and clutter be an external reflection of a person’s deep inner lack of self-esteem? Is it actually rooted in this hardwired self-talk of “I’m not worthy”?

In the same sense, can a person who is very clean, orderly, structured, or task-oriented be a reflection of their inner critic who is telling them “You need to do X, Y, Z to be good enough”.

In either extreme or our unique combination of the two, I feel it clearly shows that hidden “I’m not worthy” part of ourselves. That part of us that really lacks in self-love and doesn’t believe that we are capable or deserve the life of our dreams. It’s the ego right there continuously expressing itself in our day to day life, but we are so conditioned and familiar with it that we don’t realize it for what it is. It just seems like a “normal” preference of our personality and we believe that’s who we are.

What we don’t realize is that our personality is not who we are. Our personality has NOTHING to do with us. In fact, our personality ONLY describes the preferences of our ego self, which is limited and self-defeating. In that sense, the ultimate goal in our development should be to recognize and become more self-aware of our personality or ego-preferences so then we can learn to transcend them and be our own true unique selves. That can begin when we stop, recognize, and try to change our daily habits.

To begin the shift, I’ve personally felt that it’s NOT so much a matter of picking apart the habits themselves (I’ve done that a lot… almost too much and hasn’t given me quite the positive outcome), but rather focusing on the idea of “I am worthy” and “I love myself”.

If we shift the perception of our actions to “What can I do to help better take care of myself?” then things start to shift. It’s been through this continuous change in mental dialogue that has now led me to feel compelled to change my own inner ego-driven habit of not making my bed to actually making by bed every morning.


No shame. No guilt. No “I need to do this to be good enough”. Just simply “I love myself so I’m going to do this for myself as an expression of that self-love”.


Begin to Love Yourself More Today!

So… do you make your bed every morning or not?

What things can you start doing for yourself to help you give yourself the love you deserve?

In what daily activities of your life can you stop looking at it as a “chore” and rather look at it as an expression of self-love and worthiness?

Share your thoughts below!