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5 Practical Steps to Living a Happier Life

Happier Life
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As humans, we are creatures of habit and many of our daily habits separate us from achieving a happier life. If we change our habits, we can improve our level of happiness. Here are 5 simple steps that we can integrate into our lives on a daily basis to live a happier life and to feel more emotionally satisfied.

Never complain without a reason.

We all have our stressful days and many times we simply need someone to vent our struggles and to have someone empathize. The trouble is that if we complain too much we place ourselves in this self-defeating cycle of negativity, which not only negatively affects our mood but can also drain the energy of our loved ones. So rather than complain for the sake of complaining, make this new pact for yourself: “I will only voice a complaint only to seek methods to improve the situation.” Changing your way of thinking in this way will not only minimize the negative energy you give out, but it also influences you to be more proactive, you feel a greater self of power within yourself knowing that you can change the outcome. So next time you voice a complaint, be sure that you are asking for advice and support in how to make this situation better… and, gradually, you’ll start to create a happier life for yourself.

Instead of thinking “This is what I don’t have”, think “This is what I do have”.

This simple shift in thinking shifts your thinking from scarcity to prosperity. When you focus on all the good things you do have, you become more grateful and positive about life.  In other words, if you focus on the idea of “I can never live a happier life” then how can you ever actually live a happier life?  You make that little mindset shift.  Once you do, you begin to find joy in the little things like your morning cup of coffee or the wonderful convenience that the internet and cell phones provide us.  You may begin to find joy in the sound of birds chirping in the morning or the creative wonder that movies can provide.  When you find gratitude, love and joy in the little things in life, it’s nearly impossible to NOT be happy!

Stop depending on others for your own happiness.

This can be a tricky one for many people because, as a society, this has become a bad habit for many of us. The reason this doesn’t work is because when you hold expectations for how others should please you, then people will often times fall short. Holding expectations doesn’t allow others to be who they are at that point in time, but rather how YOU think they should be. And the irony is: When you rely on other people for your happiness then you prevent yourself from living a happier life because, in doing so, you are not allowing yourself to fully be you.  In other words, how can you really make yourself happier when you’re constantly focused on other people?  It just doesn’t work.  Take care of yourself!  Eat healthy foods, exercise, give yourself a nice bubble bath, take a short vacation by yourself, start a new craft or hobby (not matter how off-the-wall it may be), write a book, take a dance class — all of these things and more can help you emotionally recharge your batteries and feel a greater sense of self-empowerment without depending on someone else to do that for you.  The second you focus on how to create a happier life FOR YOU rather than by relying on other people or worrying about whether other people are happy… then you’re already there.

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Surround yourself with people who give genuine unconditional support and who accept and appreciate you as you are.

This can be, perhaps, the trickiest one for people but it is possible. If you hold on to people who don’t support you and never seek the support you deserve, then you stay in this self-defeating cycle that prevents you from living a happier life. Only you can find that support for yourself. If you can’t find any in your current circle or local area, then look online. Search for meet-up groups or online communities.  The best part of the internet is that we can all easily connect to anyone in the world with a click of a button. Seek out forums, groups, and websites of those with hobbies and interests similar to yours. Eventually, with some diligence and patience that support will come around.

KNOW that you deserve the best!

As I said before, don’t settle for anything less that you deserve. To live a happier life, you need to know that you deserve love, appreciation, support, and acceptance for who you are. You are a wonderful human being! If you know that and fully believe that, then the more positive things will come to you. What you believe on the inside is what exists on the outside, so if at any time you feel a lack then give yourself some more internal pep-talks about how great of a person you are.

The time to take action is RIGHT NOW!

So where do you feel you need the biggest mindset shift?  What can you start doing TODAY to start living a happier life?  Share below!