5 Steps to Stop Blaming Others in Your Relationships

20 July

Blame.  It’s one of those things that seem to be a part of all kinds of relationships.  It’s in our relationships with family members, with our partners or spouse, with friends and it can even be with our co-workers. If we aren’t mindful over our habits of blaming others then it can become detrimental to […]

Why We All Need a Creative Outlet

13 July

The other day I got to talking with a client about writing. She used to write several years ago and was even published in a magazine, but stopped because she, basically, got all caught up in working her full-time job and, well, living life.  Currently, she has been feeling the urge to start writing again, […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Unsupported in Relationships

06 July

As originally published on TinyBuddha. Many of us feel we’re not getting the support we want or deserve in relationships. Maybe we’ve never felt supported by our friends or family. Maybe we don’t feel supported by our peers or co-workers. Maybe we don’t even feel supported by our partner. This can leave us feeling drained, […]

When the New “Cool” Becomes Getting Married and Having Kids

29 June

I’m 28 years old.  Single and childless. And even though I’m currently in a relationship, marriage and children are hardly on the top of my list of “things to accomplish in the next 5 years”. With just a simply glance at my Facebook timeline, it’s apparent that I’m part of a minority, as it appears […]

Choosing Happiness Doesn’t Mean You Should Settle

22 June

This past week I posted on my Instagram and Facebook the quote, “Happiness is a Choice”. While I obviously agree with the idea that happiness is a choice, the post got me thinking about it a bit deeper and thinking about how others may interpret its meaning. Yes, happiness is something we choose to do.  […]

Reflections from My Weekend in NYC with Gabrielle Bernstein

15 June

Last weekend I went to New York City for the very first time to attend Gabrielle Bernstein’s second Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1. I heard of Gabby’s masterclass when she first started it last year, but I told myself “Eh not this year” because I had already done Marie Forleo’s B-School that year and I […]

10 Tools to Help You Give Without Getting Drained

08 June

In our society, where we have a tendency to constantly be in a state of “go go go” it can be a real challenge to find the energy to give anymore without feeling stressed, tired, exhausted and just flat out, well, drained.  Maybe it’s after a long day of work and you find yourself getting […]

How to Know When It’s Possibly Time to Get a Divorce

25 May

Deciding whether or not to get a divorce is hardly something to be taken lightly.  Overall, I do generally think that relationship issues can and should be worked out before making the decision to separate and do any filings. However, there is mostly one absolute “deal breaker” where I think it’s necessary to get a […]