When the New “Cool” Becomes Getting Married and Having Kids

29 June

I’m 28 years old.  Single and childless. And even though I’m currently in a relationship, marriage and children are hardly on the top of my list of “things to accomplish in the next 5 years”. With just a simply glance at my Facebook timeline, it’s apparent that I’m part of a minority, as it appears […]

Choosing Happiness Doesn’t Mean You Should Settle

22 June

This past week I posted on my Instagram and Facebook the quote, “Happiness is a Choice”. While I obviously agree with the idea that happiness is a choice, the post got me thinking about it a bit deeper and thinking about how others may interpret its meaning. Yes, happiness is something we choose to do.  […]

Reflections from My Weekend in NYC with Gabrielle Bernstein

15 June

Last weekend I went to New York City for the very first time to attend Gabrielle Bernstein’s second Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1. I heard of Gabby’s masterclass when she first started it last year, but I told myself “Eh not this year” because I had already done Marie Forleo’s B-School that year and I […]

10 Tools to Help You Give Without Getting Drained

08 June

In our society, where we have a tendency to constantly be in a state of “go go go” it can be a real challenge to find the energy to give anymore without feeling stressed, tired, exhausted and just flat out, well, drained.  Maybe it’s after a long day of work and you find yourself getting […]

How to Know When It’s Possibly Time to Get a Divorce

25 May

Deciding whether or not to get a divorce is hardly something to be taken lightly.  Overall, I do generally think that relationship issues can and should be worked out before making the decision to separate and do any filings. However, there is mostly one absolute “deal breaker” where I think it’s necessary to get a […]

6 Questions to Ask Before Moving in With Your Partner

18 May

There are some strong opinions and views out there when it comes to living together before marriage.  There is the group who tends to think that moving in must happen before marriage in order to have a “practice run” so you know what you’re committing to.  On the other hand, there’s the group of people […]

Why Setting Boundaries in Relationships Are So Important

11 May

If you would’ve asked me 5 years ago what boundaries were I would’ve had no idea how to answer you.  Boundaries were a complete foreign concept to me.  It wasn’t until I had moved to South Korea, where I was in the midst of all kinds of relationship problems, that a friend had introduced the […]

10 Myths About “Healthy” Relationships

04 May

As originally published on MindBodyGreen. Each one of us carries ideas around about what a healthy relationship looks like or “should” look like. This typically comes from our upbringing, the relationships we see around us, and more. Yet these common beliefs about “healthy” relationships often create and reinforce stereotypes, many of which can do more […]

Releasing Resentments and Opening Up to Love

27 April

A while back I found myself in a not-so-happy place for a few days.  My work at my counseling job was extra stressful, I had multiple things at home that needed to be done that weren’t, and my boyfriend and I weren’t quite understanding each other with certain things. For the most part, this wasn’t […]