The Mindset Shift Required to Get What You Want in Life

17 November

For a few weeks I have noticed that a peer of mine was kind of going through a bit of a rough patch with her job.  She expressed her thoughts on being underpaid, given less hours than she thought she deserved, and, overall… well, just feeling downright undervalued. As I heard this peer for her […]

The Key to Finding Emotional Support in Your Relationships

10 November

This article was originally published at Throughout my teens and early 20s I often found myself drained and unfulfilled in my relationships.  I often felt like I was giving more than what I was receiving.  I often felt like I was the one searching for more connections and trying deepen and make them more, […]

How to Deal with Aggressive People

03 November

Aggressive People.  We’ve all dealt with someone who is being pretty aggressive at some point in our lives.  You know, that person that interrupts you when you are trying to speak — or, they simply talk louder whenever you try to speak.  That person who doesn’t seem to allow your own point of view and […]

3 Things to Remember When You Don’t Know What to Do With Your Life

06 October

It has arrived: You’ve, once again, reached a point in your life where you are not sure what to do with your life.  Maybe you’ve recently gone through a divorce or breakup. Maybe you’ve recently been let go by your employer or you quit your job.  Maybe school has recently ended or your time studying […]